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Mediation Open Day, next June 15

On June 15, OHIM will host a Mediation Open Day in its premises in Alicante, Spain. The Open Day is aimed at users and potential users of OHIM’s Mediation Service, which has been offering mediation, free of charge, since 2011.

The Open Day is for everyone with an interest in, or who want to know more about, mediation. As an interest-based, not a rights-based procedure, mediation is growing in popularity across the EU and beyond. The Open Day offers a hands-on experience for participants, going beyond mediation theory into how mediation is conducted at a practical level, with key IP mediation experts on hand to lead debate and work groups. It’s a chance to see how mediation is practiced, the value it can bring and to learn more about this exciting and dynamic dispute resolution field.

During the coming weeks, we will be releasing more details about the event, including how to register.

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